ImpressioNails joined the Health and Beauty Scandinavia.

Health and Beauty exhibition brings together the market’s leading suppliers to provide an overview of products, services, news and trends from home and abroad in skin and body care, interior and exterior, hair, makeup, SPA, nail care and cosmetic surgery. Show is being organized by Norges Varemesse at Norway Trade Fairs, Lillestrom (Oslo) and went in days Feb. 12 – 14th 2010.


It was the 1st time when Euro Fashion – general distributor of ImpressioNails went to Norway with the wide offer for nail technicians to create the beautiful enhancements.

It was big break to recognize the market in Scandinavia. Nowadays, nail technicians mostly do french manicure and simply pink and white nail enhancements. It’s because the Norwegian culture and mentality. That’s why it’s the chance for us to get in and make beautiful nail art more popular, even new visions of french can be something special and how everyone says WOOOW :)

We are open to go to Norway and do classes, work shops and teach new nail technicians. Beauticians in Norway were very interested in our trainings and seminars in Poland. We want to be everywhere, where nail industry is not so popular and where we and new nail stylists can be famous.

We are looking forward to receiving great feedback. The next edition of the trade show will be held in 2012, It’s also specific of Scandinavian shows, they are going on every 2 years. For sure we will be there!