Soak Off gel training by ImpressioNails.

Don’t miss a chance and join the soak off gel training by ImpressioNails. Soak off gel is dedicated for the strengthening of natural nail plate. The training centre is open Monday – Friday 8:30 – 16:00. Address: Akademia Paznokcia, Powstancow Warszawy 69, 83-000 Pruszcz Gdanski, Poland.

img_edu_3_1_bigCompany Akademia Paznokcia is on the Polish market leading company in the cosmetics industry (nails industry). In our offer we have a lot of interesting training in hand-care, enhancements and nail art and much more training. Classes are conducted by qualified instructors on a professional cosmetics. All participants are guaranteed an individual course of learning, and precise training. Each of the participants of the course after successfully completing the original certificate. Certificate is issued only in English and the right to exercise the skills acquired during the course in each country.


Soak Off – 350PLN / 1 day

Strengthening of natural nail plate with soak off gels, nail enhancements on tips, permanent french manicure, theory, nail chemistry, disorders.

Soak Off Color – 350PLN / 1 day

Strengthening of natural nail plate with soak off gels, color designs.

Reasons to choose our courses:

We offer courses for beginners and for advancers.
Our qualified and experienced trainers provide individual training with each of participants.
We pass to trainees all of our knowledge and respond on every single questions.
We strive to meet the requirements of our trainees, because it depends on the satisfaction of our success.
During training we underestimate the theoretical knowledge, but also place great emphasis on practice.
During each course, about 80% of time we devote to the practice and 20% of theory.
You can learn the latest techniques, so you are never behind the competition.
All of our training ends international award of certificates authorizing work as a nail technician in the world.
Today you can find out what makes that despite fierce competition, our company for 15 years is a thriving market of services related to beauty care.
Professionalism in teaching is the basis for our opinion.
For each of the participants prepared a separate working area with a table that is fully equipped.
Waiting time for the start of the course is shortened to a minimum. Training takes place throughout the year both in the school year as well as the holiday season and vacation.
We provide all products, materials and tools needed for the course.
We offer 10% discount to each participant in our courses on purchases in our store for a period of 2 months.
Each participant in the courses as they are completed, we can offer free consultations and advice on any problems that arise even during the performance of the service itself. At any time, our trainees can rely on telephone contact.
We organize workshops and hands on demos with the Stars of nail industry.

Records for training in the Akademia Paznokcia Headquarter

address: Powstancow Warszawy 69, 83-000 Pruszcz Gdanski, Poland
phone: 0048 58 692 22 20, or 0048 503 143 223

We do not charge an advance before the course, payment was made in the office in the date of commencement of training.
If the predetermined time does not suits you without any consequences if it will be translated into another, or if during the course of the situation that will not be able to complete the continuity of training, you may be able to complete it at a later date. Thanks to the individual course you have the opportunity to teach the days of training, this is a very good solution for those working rotational.