Presentation of ImpressioNails in Hungary.

At the end of May, in Szeged (Hungary) a nail stylization show, where ImpressioNails brand was presented, took place. A lot of professional nail techs, including the most famous, from all over Hungary took part in the show organized by Horizont Globe – Hungarian ImpressioNails representative. Stráhl Gabriella, Benefi Évi, Deákné Vezér Annamária, Kovács Zsuzsa Teodóra and a special guest from Poland – Aleksandra Wąs hosted the show.


During a ten-hour, remarkably interesting demonstration, the audience were presented with novelties from the world of nails and advanced design and stylization techniques. Among others, Aleksandra Wąs demonstrated innovative gels changing their colors under the influence of heat as well as discussed the benefits of using ImpressioNails soak off gels in a salon. This new brand did arise a huge interest among all the participants, who also had the possibility to buy the products, test them and familiarize with the opportunities they create. The brand impressed the participants among whom, at the end of the meeting, prizes were drawn. A commemorative photo was taken, too. Euro Fashion company – the exclusive ImpressioNails distributor – wishes to thank all the participants as well as Horizont Globe – local distributor – for organizing such a successful meeting.