ImpressioNails - professional nail care products.

Gel system designed to apply over artificial nails as well as natural nails. May be soaked off for removal. Great idea to use as polish or designer nail art. It is a cutting edge system that has worldwide appeal, a system that meets the needs and desires for all levels of technicians. ImpressioNails renders great wearablitiy and workability in any climate.

ImpressioNails products

Uniqe knowledge and experience of cosmetic experts with newest high-tec formulas were foundation to create a line that provides smooth control, easy application and beautiful, long-lasting effect.

ImpressioNails acrylic line is a fresh market-novelty. The best stylists helped developing the formulas that will equally compete with the best available. We put a lot of effort to deliver extremely durable, qualitative and easy-to-apply products at reasonable pricing.

ImpressioNails, the brand, the quality.

ImpressioNails. You'll be impressed!

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